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  1. I think insurance and coverage should depend on where you work, where you live, and how many people are part of your immediate family. Obviously a single parent with 3 kids working at minimum wage can't afford much if any health care. I know there are programs to at least cover children's health care and expenses but more needs to be available for adults.
  2. This is something I always wondered because most states require you to be in a marriage before you can adopt a child. I think this is just as much about stability in relationships as it is in finances but that is a different topic. I am wondering what happens to a child who is adopted by a couple if they divorce... Like I would imagine there are people who marry just so one of the people can adopt and they later divorce as a means to "scam" the system.
  3. Do you mean laws dealing with rights to property, wills, and life insurance issues? I would imagine some of it has been changes for most states but not all of it has been adjusted and there are likely loopholes states use against same-sex couples even now. I think this is an issue the LGBT group should look into and bring awareness to because our government is very stubborn when it comes to changing anything.
  4. I think statistically, the odds are more in favor of this because it is very hard to have a stable income and live a life without struggles as a single parent. There is also the added fuel of the divorce which is never healthy for kids to be around. It is very sad to see it and hear about it. I know not all children end up becoming criminals or getting into trouble in their teens or young adult years but enough of them do that it is a legit statistic that is worrisome.
  5. Making it hard likely encourages people to work out their problems first. I agree with that divorce should be the last option. There are counselors that help couples as well as other options be it through the church or what have you. I think everything should be tried and "trial separation" should be used only sparingly.
  6. I only have one parent. I never knew my father, he left when I was very young. My mother was not married to him but she did marry someone when I was 6 and has been with him since. He is who I consider to be my father and they never had issues with divorce or anything. I guess I am lucky there. I don't know what happened to my biological dad and I really don't care to know at this point.
  7. Kids don't often make good decisions for themselves but for the sake of there being cases of child abuse out there, I believe they should have some say depending on the situation. If there are allegations of abuse, then the child should be questioned separately from the parents to see if there is a legit reason to question the care of one or both parents involved.
  8. I have a vet who does something like this but I have never heard of a medical doctor for humans in my area for stuff like this. I like the concept of the doctors going to the patients, especially for people who have trouble leaving their homes. I just don't know how practical, sanitary, and cost efficient it is.
  9. Well, I went to a hospital a few years ago to get checked for some neck pain I was having. I wanted to walk but was told by the nurse I had to sit in a wheelchair. He proceeded to jerk me all over the place and managed to make my neck pain worse on the way to x-rays. I felt like I was a sack of meat or something he was being so careless.
  10. I am not very familiar with divorce law in the US. I have read and heard of some stories, I just couldn't believe what I found out about everything. Most people say you need to hire a lawyer these days even if the divorce is peaceful and no kids are involved. Is this true?
  11. I am a writer and an artist and this last year or so, it has been hard. Because of COVID and the ongoing restrictions, I have not only felt trapped physically and mentally but also creatively. I have not worked on any new artwork in a few months now nor have I been able to focus on my writing. How can I get inspired again to get the creative juices flowing?
  12. I feel like for those who make under 30K, their basic health needs should be covered and in order to have this free coverage, they do something similar to what Japan does where you are scheduled to go in every 6 months or you void your coverage. This way, people are screened for things often enough where they can be caught and treated early (not costing huge amounts of money) and people who can't afford healthcare still have peace of mind that they have at least basic care they will not be expected to pay back. This included non-cosmetic density and eyecare too. Thoughts?
  13. A friend of mine has been drawing since she was a young child. She used to be very good at it but she took several years off in her late teens and only just got back into it a few years ago. Now that she is 27, she feels stuck and can't find inspiration to make anything. She bought herself a new drawing tablet which was not cheap and is beating herself up over spending that money now because she hasn't made a single thing with it yet. What is a good way or a good place to find inspiration for a struggling artist?
  14. Yes, I have had a few friends inspire me to change. I think it usually comes from a place of actually desiring to change myself and allowing my friends to help me or viewing the progress they have made in their own life as a direct source of inspiration to do better in my own life.
  15. I think there are things that can be done to help people and make certain things free but I don't think free medication for everyone will do anything. They would likely offset that by charging more in other areas which is unfortunate. I wish there was more that could be done for people who need medication (rely on it to live). Maybe we will make it there one day.
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