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  2. In the US, most homes have at least one pet and the two most common are cats and dogs. Many cats and dogs require special care as they age and more and more cases of diabetes and other on-going, lifelong illnesses are being observed in both dogs and cats. I know there are insurance options and care cards out there specifically for animals but do you think this should be covered in standard insurance? To me, it would make sense to include this.
  3. I am trying to find some lessons, views, and different information when it comes to digital art. I can't afford to go back to school right now to pursue it so I have to rely on what I can find online. Does anyone know of any free online courses or just general lessons I can pull inspiration from so I can grow as an artist?
  4. I believe if it is legal by the state, the child is treated no differently than had the parents had their own child physically. Both parents are allowed to fight for custody, if one should choose not to have anything to do with the child, they will still have to pay child support in most states. As for the scams you mentioned, I believe a couple needs to be married for a number of years before they can adopt which prevents this.
  5. My insurance has gone up and down over the years. The cheapest it ever was for me was in 2017 and 2018. I am not sure why this is or what happened there but since 2019 and especially now in 2021, my monthly cost for the same coverage I had 4 years ago is 35% higher.
  6. I think insurance and coverage should depend on where you work, where you live, and how many people are part of your immediate family. Obviously a single parent with 3 kids working at minimum wage can't afford much if any health care. I know there are programs to at least cover children's health care and expenses but more needs to be available for adults.
  7. This is something I always wondered because most states require you to be in a marriage before you can adopt a child. I think this is just as much about stability in relationships as it is in finances but that is a different topic. I am wondering what happens to a child who is adopted by a couple if they divorce... Like I would imagine there are people who marry just so one of the people can adopt and they later divorce as a means to "scam" the system.
  8. Do you mean laws dealing with rights to property, wills, and life insurance issues? I would imagine some of it has been changes for most states but not all of it has been adjusted and there are likely loopholes states use against same-sex couples even now. I think this is an issue the LGBT group should look into and bring awareness to because our government is very stubborn when it comes to changing anything.
  9. I think statistically, the odds are more in favor of this because it is very hard to have a stable income and live a life without struggles as a single parent. There is also the added fuel of the divorce which is never healthy for kids to be around. It is very sad to see it and hear about it. I know not all children end up becoming criminals or getting into trouble in their teens or young adult years but enough of them do that it is a legit statistic that is worrisome.
  10. I have never had a divorce but I know more people than I should who have gone through it and in most cases, it comes down to just marrying the wrong people. If you marry the right person, even when things get tough you can work it out. I feel like you really need to consider marrying a friend vs a "lover". The sex and lust wears out after a while and if you have nothing left, when/if kids come into the picture, it just gets all the more messy.
  11. I always hear about these statistics and I have to wonder if they are true. I would imagine it would depend on the age as well as the income level both parents are under. I know for my cousins who's parents split up when they were just toddlers, they ended up doing okay. Neither of them ended up on drugs or anything like that. Though their father is a millionaire so I think this factored in. He essentially helped their mom out by letting her have the house and buying her things she needed.
  12. I think there have been a number of times throughout my life I have but not since my younger years. I kind of know what I like and I am happy doing what I enjoy so I seldom try new things. Maybe this is a bad thing? I don't know. As long as I am happy, I think that is what is important.
  13. I know a lot of people who spend way more than you would expect on health insurance and others who seem to have full coverage for next to nothing. I personally get my insurance through my job and pay $190 a month for pretty good coverage. I know people who spend double that for much less.
  14. Oh for sure there is to my knowledge. I know I've heard of hospitals that sound like they're supported by religion, like St. Mary Hospitals for example. There are hospitals, schools, and universities funded by mostly donations and such, but also from churches and the community even.
  15. Like what kind of new laws? The sad truth, is that some states still have same-sex marriage banned in their laws, but since the US legalized it, those bans no longer stand. I believe some states still list these bans. Soon enough, I imagine most states would remove the language outright.
  16. I don't know much about marriage laws but I do know there is some mess to the process and divorce can be a complicated matter. I am wondering if things have been updates at all since same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide in the US. I am having trouble finding information on it.
  17. Healthcare for all in the sense that it would be free? There is no way to establish this without it costing billions and people losing their jobs. I know a lot of people like to compare the US and the UK when it comes to healthcare but their free care is taxed and doctors do not make nearly as much in the UK as they do in the US. Also, for any kind of special care, you wait weeks to months to see a doctor and anything outside of basic care needs to be addresses through private healthcare which is extremely expensive. I would much rather have insurance.
  18. For those who have a retirement plan and things of that nature, it already is free. Both my parents no longer pay for insurance because it gets taken out of their retirement funds they get each month. For those that don't have this though, I think there should be some kind of safety net to take care of minor issues but you can't expect things that are very expensive to be free for everyone. The government doesn't pay for this, we would be paying for it.
  19. I think boredom inspires me in this sense. If I get stuck doing the same few things over and over again, I get bored and find myself getting tired and just stuck so I try something new to liven things up. Can be as simple as a new restaurant or cooking a new meal, or it can be going to a new place for a vacation.
  20. I have a co-worker who is always inspiring me to do more with my life. She is always on the move with things and she keeps everything in her life so organized. Anytime a problem comes up, she solves it with little to no help from anyone. She inspires me by just being who she is which is pretty amazing.
  21. If you could reform healthcare to include all Americans, what do you think it would take for the Government to accept it? Would it cost us billions every year? How would you go about reforming health care for the better?
  22. Making it hard likely encourages people to work out their problems first. I agree with that divorce should be the last option. There are counselors that help couples as well as other options be it through the church or what have you. I think everything should be tried and "trial separation" should be used only sparingly.
  23. I only have one parent. I never knew my father, he left when I was very young. My mother was not married to him but she did marry someone when I was 6 and has been with him since. He is who I consider to be my father and they never had issues with divorce or anything. I guess I am lucky there. I don't know what happened to my biological dad and I really don't care to know at this point.
  24. Kids don't often make good decisions for themselves but for the sake of there being cases of child abuse out there, I believe they should have some say depending on the situation. If there are allegations of abuse, then the child should be questioned separately from the parents to see if there is a legit reason to question the care of one or both parents involved.
  25. I have a vet who does something like this but I have never heard of a medical doctor for humans in my area for stuff like this. I like the concept of the doctors going to the patients, especially for people who have trouble leaving their homes. I just don't know how practical, sanitary, and cost efficient it is.
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